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  • Permeability

    This refers to the ease of breathing as a mask should not restrict breathing ability. In order to test breathability an airflow reading is required.

    The test requires at least a 75% permeability. 

    Guardian masks scored 85% permeability.

    Breathability and moisture vapour transmission rate

    This refers to the comfort while wearing the mask.  Mask breathability and heat vapour are measured by recording the moisture vapour transmission rate.  An acceptable rate is set at 2500g /m2 /24 hrs. 

    Guardian masks scored 4159g / m2 / 24hrs which exceeds the score needed for a manageable heat load on the face.

    Particle holdout

    This refers to a minimum requirement of 75%.

    The test facilities used for the particle holdout results are a modified ISO 14644 method and varies from medical masks. 

    Guardian masks exceeded the particle holdout minimum requirements.

    Water Repellency

    Our mask test results displayed a high levels of water repellency and good water resistance. 

    Guardian masks’ breathability and permeability are also in line with DTI recommendations.

    ISO 13485 - 2016

    An International Standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

    CE Compliance

    The manufactures declaration that the product meets EU Standards for health safety and 
    environmental protection.

    SANS 1866 - Medical Masks

    This standard covers the minimum performance requirements for materials used in the construction of medical face masks, intended to limit the transmission of infective agents in the healthcare environment.

    Our masks are fluid resistant, have bacterial filtration efficiency and sub-micron filtration efficiency.

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