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Children’s Face Masks Combinations



These masks are soft wearing, easily breathable and are suitable for children aged 6-13. This material is water-resistant, dust resistant, and hypoallergenic. (3-ply)

All masks come in multiples of 10 pcs. Each 10 pc is packed in plastic sleeves. 

Proudly made in South Africa

SANAS accredited 

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5001 R42.20 Up to R164,032.80

Product Description


Mask colour –  The outside of the mask is darker in colour.

Mask dimensions – The mask is less than 150mm in length and approximately 95mm in width. Mask expansion width is 165mm. The width of the side support is not more than 10mm.

Nose strip – The nose strip is located on the upper edge of the mask not more than 10mm down. The length of the nose strip is 100mm and width is 3mm.

Ear loops – The ear loops are 180mm in length and 3mm in diameter. The ear loops are composed of polyester, spandex and other materials.

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